Are Esq Watches Good?

Watches are more than mere timepieces. They are a statement of style, a measure of one’s taste, and for some, an investment.

ESQ watches, a subsidiary of the renowned Movado Group, often find themselves the subject of scrutiny and debate among watch enthusiasts. The quintessential question is, are ESQ watches good?

In short, ESQ watches are indeed good. They offer a balance of quality, design, and affordability that caters to a broad market.

With a heritage closely tied to Movado, ESQ watches have carved out a niche for themselves in the world of timekeeping.

However, the term ‘good’ is relative and dependent on various factors such as design, material quality, watch movement, pricing, and customer service, among others.

Join us on this detailed journey as we delve into the world of ESQ watches, exploring their history, designs, quality, pricing, and much more.

We aim to provide a comprehensive understanding that will help you make an informed decision about these timepieces.

Are Esq Watches Good


History of ESQ Watches

A Brief History

ESQ, short for Esquire, was created as a more affordable yet equally stylish alternative to Movado watches.

The brand came into existence in the early 1990s, aiming to cater to a younger, trend-conscious market that appreciated quality but was also cost-conscious.

ESQ’s Relation with Movado

As a part of the Movado Group, ESQ watches benefit from the parent brand’s century-long expertise in watchmaking.

Movado’s influence is clearly visible in ESQ’s design aesthetics and quality standards, albeit at a more accessible price point.

Understanding Watch Quality

Before we delve into the specifics of ESQ watches, it’s crucial to understand what constitutes watch quality. It’s determined by several factors, including design, material quality, watch movement, durability, and brand reputation.

ESQ Watch Designs

Variety in ESQ Watch Designs

ESQ watches come in a range of designs catering to both men and women. Whether you prefer a classic, sporty, or contemporary look, ESQ has something to offer.

From minimalist designs with clean lines reminiscent of Movado to more intricate chronographs, ESQ’s design range is vast.

Unique Features of ESQ Designs

ESQ watches manage to stand out with their unique design features. For instance, the ESQ ‘Fusion’ line merges the traditional round dial with a distinctive square case, creating a striking visual blend of the old and the new.

Quality of ESQ Watch Materials

Types of Materials Used in ESQ Watches

ESQ watches predominantly use stainless steel for their cases, providing durability and a sleek look. The straps are available in stainless steel, genuine leather, or high-quality rubber, giving customers a range of options to suit their preferences.

The Durability of These Materials

The materials used in ESQ watches are highly durable. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, while their genuine leather and high-quality rubber straps can withstand wear and tear, ensuring the watches retain their appeal over time.

ESQ Watch Movements

Movement Types in ESQ Watches

ESQ watches primarily use quartz movement, known for their accuracy and low maintenance. Some models feature Swiss quartz movement, renowned worldwide for its precision, thus ensuring your ESQ watch keeps time faithfully.

ESQ Watches Pricing

Price Range of ESQ Watches

ESQ watches are priced in the mid-range, making them accessible to a broad audience. You can find ESQ watches starting from around $200, going up to $600 for their more premium models.

Value for Money Analysis

Given the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and design variety, ESQ watches offer excellent value for money.

They provide the style and reliability of higher-end brands without the hefty price tag, making them a smart choice for those looking for affordable luxury.

Customer Feedback on ESQ Watches

Reviews and Ratings from ESQ Watch Users

Customer reviews for ESQ watches are generally positive. Many users praise their stylish designs, durability, and the accuracy of their timekeeping.

Some customers have mentioned that their ESQ watches have lasted them for years with minimal maintenance, further attesting to their quality and durability.

Feedback Analysis

While ESQ watches receive mostly positive feedback, some customers have raised concerns about their limited service centers.

However, these concerns are not widespread and do not significantly impact the overall customer satisfaction with the brand.

ESQ Watches Warranty and Customer Service

Details about ESQ Warranty

ESQ offers a two-year limited warranty on their watches, covering any manufacturer defects. This warranty period is fairly standard in the watch industry and provides customers with assurance about their purchase.

Review of ESQ Customer Service

Customer service is a crucial aspect of any brand, and ESQ is no exception. The brand provides adequate customer support, with multiple channels of communication.

While some customers have mentioned difficulties in finding service centers, the overall feedback about ESQ’s customer service is positive.

Comparing ESQ Watches to Other Brands

ESQ Watches vs Other Brands in Similar Price Range

When compared to other brands in the same price range, such as Fossil or Citizen, ESQ watches hold their own. They offer a unique blend of style, quality, and affordability that is often hard to find in this segment.

Notable Differences and Similarities

While ESQ watches share similarities with their competitors in terms of pricing and materials used, their design aesthetics set them apart. ESQ watches often exhibit a more refined and classic look, inspired by their association with Movado.

Is ESQ Watches a Good Investment?

ESQ Watches as an Investment

As with any watch brand, the value of an ESQ watch as an investment depends on various factors. While they may not appreciate value like a Rolex or Patek Philippe, they offer a reliable, stylish, and quality timepiece at an affordable price.

What Experts Say

Watch experts often recommend ESQ watches to those looking for an affordable yet quality timepiece. They are well-regarded for their design and quality, making them a worthy addition to any watch collection.

FAQs about ESQ Watches

Are ESQ watches made by Movado?

Yes, ESQ is a brand under the Movado Group. While ESQ watches are more affordable, they still carry the design influence and quality standards of their parent company.

Are ESQ watches durable?

Yes, ESQ watches are known for their durability. They use high-quality materials such as stainless steel and genuine leather, which can withstand daily wear and tear.

What type of movement does ESQ watches use?

ESQ watches predominantly use quartz movement, which is known for its accuracy and low maintenance. Some models feature Swiss quartz movement for added precision.


ESQ watches strike a balance between quality, style, and affordability. Their diverse range of designs, quality materials, and precision movements make them a compelling choice for watch enthusiasts on a budget.

While they may not be traditional investment watches, their value lies in their reliable performance and stylish aesthetics.

So, are ESQ watches good? Yes, they indeed are. They offer a distinctive blend of style and functionality that’s hard to ignore. ESQ watches

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