Are Revue Thommen Watches Good?

The luxury watch market is one filled with renowned brands, each boasting unique craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Among the multitude of choices, one Swiss brand that has quietly etched its name in the annals of horology is Revue Thommen.

This prestigious brand offers a range of timepieces that catch the eye for their aesthetic appeal and inherent mechanical precision.

Revue Thommen watches, indeed, stand tall among their counterparts. The brand has managed to maintain an impressive reputation for creating timepieces that exude an air of sophistication and reliability.

These watches blend traditional craftsmanship with modern design principles, all while maintaining a standard of quality that rivals the industry’s most prestigious names.

Are you a watch enthusiast seeking a new addition to your collection, or perhaps you’re on the lookout for a gift that would leave a lasting impression?

This in-depth review of Revue Thommen watches might just be what you need to make an informed choice. Dive in as we unravel the history, quality, and overall performance of these exquisite Swiss timepieces.

Are Revue Thommen Watches Good


Background of Revue Thommen

Historical Background

Revue Thommen is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers, tracing its roots back to 1853. Founded by Gédéon Thommen and Louis Tschopp in Waldenburg, Switzerland, the company initially specialized in producing pocket watches with cylinder escapements.

As the brand grew, it evolved its product line, eventually venturing into wristwatches and becoming a prominent player in the aviation industry with aircraft instruments.

Influence on the Watch Industry

Over the years, Revue Thommen has made significant contributions to the watch industry. The brand is renowned for manufacturing most of its mechanical movements in-house, a testament to its dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Moreover, their role in producing aircraft instruments has led to a distinctive line of pilot watches that carry a piece of aviation history on the wrist.

Revue Thommen Watch Collections

Revue Thommen boasts a diverse range of watches, each collection embodying a unique charm and purpose. Some of the popular ones include:

Air Speed Collection

Inspired by the brand’s historical connection to aviation, the Air Speed Collection pays homage to the classic pilot watches.

These watches are characterized by their large, luminous numerals and hands, providing excellent readability even in low-light conditions.

Cricket Collection

The Cricket Collection is famous for its mechanical alarm function, a feature pioneered by Revue Thommen. These watches feature a distinct buzzing sound reminiscent of a cricket’s chirp, earning the collection its name.

Quality of Revue Thommen Watches

Materials and Manufacturing Process

Revue Thommen ensures the use of top-quality materials for its watches. Stainless steel, gold, and durable synthetic sapphire crystal are common elements in their designs.

The brand’s in-house manufacturing process ensures that each timepiece meets rigorous quality standards.

Durability and Reliability

Revue Thommen watches are renowned for their durability and reliability. Their cases are robust, their movements precise, and their designs timeless.

Many owners have reported their watches functioning impeccably even after years of use, a testament to the brand’s commitment to long-lasting quality.

Revue Thommen’s Movement

Understanding Watch Movements

The movement, often referred to as the heart of a watch, is the mechanism that measures and displays time. Movements can be mechanical (either manual or automatic) or quartz.

Movements in Revue Thommen Watches

Revue Thommen takes pride in its in-house mechanical movements. Their watches often feature the hand-wound GT 82 or the automatic GT 54 movements. Known for their precision and reliability, these movements offer a level of exclusivity, as they are found only in Revue Thommen watches.

Comparison with Other Brands

When compared to other brands, Revue Thommen holds its own. While it might not have the same recognition as some Swiss brands, the quality of their movements, especially considering the price point, makes them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced watch collectors.

Price and Value for Money

Analysis of Revue Thommen Watch Prices

Revue Thommen watches range from mid to high-end prices. The brand offers a broad spectrum of timepieces, from more affordable models in the hundreds of dollars to exclusive, limited-edition pieces costing several thousand.

Comparison with Other Brands

When compared to other luxury Swiss brands such as Rolex or Omega, Revue Thommen offers a more affordable entry point into the world of luxury watches.

The brand provides high-quality timepieces that boast in-house movements and excellent craftsmanship at a relatively more accessible price point.

Value for Money

Given the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and the brand’s heritage, Revue Thommen watches represent excellent value for money.

They strike a balance between affordability and luxury, making them a worthy consideration for anyone seeking a reliable, high-quality timepiece without breaking the bank.

Reviews and Customer Satisfaction

Customer reviews for Revue Thommen watches are generally positive. Many owners praise the quality, reliability, and unique aesthetic of these watches.

The brand’s customer service also earns commendation for being responsive and helpful, enhancing the overall ownership experience.

Revue Thommen offers a standard international warranty for their watches, providing peace of mind and assurance of the brand’s trust in their product’s quality and durability.

Pros and Cons of Revue Thommen Watches


  • Quality and Durability: Revue Thommen watches are made from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and robustness.
  • In-house Movements: The brand’s in-house movements offer precision and reliability.
  • Heritage: With a rich history dating back to 1853, Revue Thommen has a strong heritage and influence in the watch industry.
  • Value for Money: Compared to other luxury Swiss brands, Revue Thommen watches provide excellent value.


  • Brand Recognition: Despite its history and quality, Revue Thommen may not have the same recognition as some other Swiss luxury brands.
  • Availability: Revue Thommen watches can sometimes be challenging to find, particularly outside of Europe.


Where are Revue Thommen watches made?

Revue Thommen watches are Swiss made, adhering to strict Swiss watchmaking standards. This guarantees high quality and precision in each timepiece.

Are Revue Thommen watches suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, Revue Thommen watches are designed to be durable and reliable, making them suitable for everyday wear.

How do I maintain my Revue Thommen watch?

Like any luxury timepiece, a Revue Thommen watch requires regular servicing to ensure it remains in top condition. It is also advisable to clean the watch gently with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or sweat.


Deciding whether Revue Thommen watches are good boils down to what you value in a timepiece. If you appreciate Swiss craftsmanship, history, and high-quality in-house movements, then a Revue Thommen watch could be an excellent choice.

While the brand may not have the same global recognition as some of its Swiss counterparts, it nonetheless offers remarkable quality and value.

The journey we’ve taken through the realms of Revue Thommen’s history, quality, collections, and customer satisfaction underlines the brand’s commitment to creating timepieces that are more than mere fashion accessories.

Michael, an ardent horology enthusiast, brings his love for exquisite timepieces to life at WatchReflect. With a background in marketing and a penchant for luxury, he dives into the world of popular watch brands. His journey began during his years at a Swiss watch boutique, fueling his passion for precision craftsmanship. Through his words, Michael shares the allure and innovation that define the watch industry.

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