Does Breitling Make Quartz Watches?

Breitling is renowned for its luxury watches, but when it comes to the type of movements they use, there’s a common question: Does Breitling make quartz watches? In this article, we will delve into the world of Breitling watches, exploring the different watch movement types and shedding light on whether quartz watches are part of Breitling’s collection. So, let’s uncover the truth and discover the fascinating aspects of Breitling’s timepieces.

Breitling, a prestigious watch brand with a rich heritage, offers timepieces that embody precision, craftsmanship, and sophistication. Understanding the significance of watch movements is crucial when considering a luxury timepiece. In the following sections, we will explore the differences between quartz and mechanical movements, delve into Breitling’s historical focus on mechanical watches, examine the introduction of quartz watches into their collection, and compare the two types of movements. By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of Breitling’s watch offerings and the role of quartz movements in their repertoire.

Understanding Watch Movements

The quartz movement is powered by a battery and regulated by a quartz crystal oscillator. This electronic movement offers remarkable accuracy, relying on the vibrations of the quartz crystal to maintain precise timekeeping. Quartz watches are known for their affordability, low maintenance, and ease of use. They typically display a ticking secondhand and require a battery replacement every few years.

Definition and Characteristics of Mechanical Movement

Mechanical movement, on the other hand, is a traditional watchmaking technique that relies on intricate mechanical components. These watches are powered by a mainspring, which stores energy and is gradually released to drive the movement. Mechanical watches are often cherished for their craftsmanship and the mesmerizing sweeping motion of their second hands. They require regular winding or wearing to keep the mainspring charged.

Pros and Cons of Quartz and Mechanical Movements

Quartz movements offer excellent accuracy, often within a few seconds per month, making them reliable timekeepers. They are also more resistant to shocks and vibrations. However, some enthusiasts perceive quartz watches as lacking the soul and craftsmanship associated with mechanical movements.

Mechanical movements, on the other hand, are admired for their intricate mechanics, artistry, and the experience of interacting with a complex system of gears and springs. They are powered by the wearer’s motion or manual winding, adding a sense of personal connection. However, mechanical watches can be less accurate than their quartz counterparts, with variations of a few seconds or more per day.

Breitling’s Historical Focus on Mechanical Watches

Breitling has a longstanding history and reputation for producing exceptional mechanical watches. The brand has been synonymous with precision timekeeping, especially in the field of aviation. The iconic Navitimer and Chronomat collections are a testament to Breitling’s expertise in crafting high-quality mechanical timepieces. These watches often feature intricate complications, such as chronographs, slide rules, and various functions tailored to pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Introduction of Quartz Watches in Breitling’s Collection

As the industry witnessed a shift towards quartz watches in the 1970s, Breitling recognized the demand for these precise, battery-powered timepieces. To cater to a broader market and provide alternatives to their mechanical offerings, Breitling introduced quartz watches into their collection.

The initial introduction of quartz watches by Breitling saw the incorporation of quartz movements in select models. This diversification allowed Breitling to embrace technological advancements while maintaining its commitment to precision and reliability. While mechanical watches remained the core focus, the inclusion of quartz watches broadened Breitling’s range and attracted a new segment of customers.

Breitling’s Quartz Watch Collections

Breitling’s quartz watch collections showcase the brand’s dedication to excellence and versatility. While maintaining the timeless aesthetic and impeccable craftsmanship, these quartz watches provide a more accessible entry point for watch enthusiasts and individuals seeking reliable timekeeping with modern convenience.

One notable collection featuring quartz movements is the Breitling Colt series. The Colt Quartz models exhibit a sporty and robust design, ideal for those with active lifestyles. These watches are characterized by their sturdy stainless steel cases, unidirectional rotating bezels, and clear, legible dials. The Colt Quartz watches offer practical features like chronograph functions, date displays, and water resistance suitable for various outdoor activities.

Additionally, Breitling’s Professional collection incorporates quartz watches designed specifically for pilots and aviation professionals. The Aerospace Evo is a standout model, renowned for its multifunctional capabilities and electronic quartz movement. This timepiece combines a sleek design with practical features such as chronograph functions, multiple time zone displays, an alarm, and a countdown timer. The Aerospace Evo exemplifies Breitling’s ability to integrate cutting-edge technology into their timepieces without compromising on style and precision.

Another noteworthy collection featuring quartz movements is the Galactic series. With its elegant and sophisticated aesthetics, the Galactic Quartz line appeals to both men and women. These watches exhibit refined details, including diamond-set bezels, mother-of-pearl dials, and a variety of strap options. The Galactic Quartz watches offer a harmonious balance of style and functionality, making them versatile accessories for any occasion.

Comparison between Breitling’s Quartz and Mechanical Watches

When choosing between Breitling’s quartz and mechanical watches, there are several factors to consider. The decision ultimately depends on personal preferences, intended use, and appreciation for the craftsmanship associated with mechanical movements.

Quartz watches are known for their accuracy, low maintenance, and affordability. They are powered by a battery, eliminating the need for regular winding. Quartz movements offer a practical and reliable timekeeping solution for those who prioritize accuracy and convenience. Breitling’s quartz watches provide an excellent entry point into the brand’s offerings, allowing enthusiasts to experience the renowned quality and design without the higher cost associated with mechanical timepieces.

On the other hand, mechanical watches provide a more traditional and intricate horological experience. The intricate mechanics and craftsmanship involved in creating mechanical movements contribute to their allure. Mechanical watches require regular winding or wearing to keep the mainspring charged, providing a sense of connection and appreciation for the watch’s inner workings. Breitling’s mechanical watches, with their precision engineering and complex complications, appeal to those who admire the artistry and heritage of traditional watchmaking.

Addressing Misconceptions and Criticisms

Quartz watches, including those produced by Breitling, have sometimes faced criticism from watch enthusiasts who associate mechanical movements with superior craftsmanship and prestige. However, it is essential to recognize that quartz movements have their own merits and are designed to cater to specific preferences and practical needs.

Breitling’s inclusion of quartz watches in their collection does not detract from the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Instead, it showcases their adaptability and willingness to embrace technological advancements while maintaining their core values. Breitling’s quartz watches undergo rigorous testing to ensure accuracy and durability, upholding the brand’s reputation for excellence.


In conclusion, Breitling, known for its expertise in crafting mechanical watches, does offer quartz watches in its collection. The introduction of quartz movements allows Breitling to cater to a wider audience while maintaining their commitment to precision and reliability. The quartz watches from Breitling exhibit exceptional accuracy, practicality, and modern designs without compromising on quality or style.

Whether you choose a Breitling quartz watch for its accuracy and convenience or a mechanical timepiece for its craftsmanship and traditional horological experience, Breitling offers a range of options to suit diverse preferences.

By incorporating quartz movements, Breitling has expanded its offerings to accommodate those seeking reliable timekeeping with the convenience of battery-powered precision. These watches are designed with the same attention to detail, durability, and aesthetic appeal that Breitling is renowned for.

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