How to Reset Casio Watch?

The convenience of a wristwatch is undeniable and among the trusted names in this industry, Casio holds a significant place. Known for their robust designs and accurate timekeeping, Casio watches are a ubiquitous sight on many wrists. Yet, there comes a time when even a reliable Casio watch needs to be reset.

Resetting your Casio watch is a simple process that can help to rectify any timekeeping errors, adjust to a new time zone, or accommodate the semi-annual daylight savings time change. In essence, knowing how to reset your Casio watch is a basic skill that ensures the optimal operation of your timepiece.

Diving into the depths of Casio’s wide-ranging watch collection, this article will provide a comprehensive guide to resetting these popular watches. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a first-time owner, this knowledge will equip you to handle your watch’s settings confidently and efficiently.

Understanding Your Casio Watch

Before we delve into the steps for resetting your Casio watch, it’s important to understand the variety and functionality of these timepieces. Casio’s extensive range includes both analog and digital watches, each with unique features that may slightly alter the reset process. For example, the G-Shock series is known for its durability and multi-functionality, whereas the Edifice series is revered for its stylish design and precision. Understanding the specific features of your watch is the first step towards a successful reset.

Key elements of a Casio watch interface typically include the dial or display, and multiple buttons or crowns used for setting the time and adjusting various functions. The position and functionality of these buttons may vary between models, but they generally serve the same purpose.

When Should You Reset Your Casio Watch?

Resetting a Casio watch is necessary under a few circumstances. The most common of these include time zone changes, after the commencement or end of daylight savings time, post-battery replacement, or when your watch’s timekeeping seems inaccurate. Resetting is a simple way to ensure your watch continues to provide the correct time.

Precautions Before Resetting Your Casio Watch

Before you begin resetting your Casio watch, ensure that you’ve read the user manual specific to your model. Each Casio watch comes with a detailed manual that provides instructions for setting the time and adjusting other functions.

When resetting your watch, handle it gently to avoid causing any damage. Avoid pressing the buttons excessively hard or twisting the crowns with too much force. It’s also crucial to keep your watch dry during the reset process unless it’s a waterproof model.

How to Reset a Casio Watch: A Step-by-Step Guide

Resetting a Casio watch can generally be categorized into resetting an analog watch and resetting a digital watch, with additional considerations for specific models.

Resetting a Casio Analog Watch

Step 1: Locating the Correct Buttons

Locate the crown on your Casio analog watch. This is typically a small knob on the side of the watch. Some models may have additional buttons.

Step 2: Entering the Time Setting Mode

Pull the crown out to the second click. This puts the watch in time-setting mode.

Step 3: Setting the Time

Turn the crown to adjust the hands to the correct time.

Step 4: Exiting the Setting Mode

Push the crown back to its original position. This saves the new time setting.

Resetting a Casio Digital Watch

Step 1: Locating the Correct Buttons

Identify the various buttons on your Casio digital watch. These are usually labeled “Mode”, “Adjust”, “Start/Stop”, and “Light”.

Step 2: Entering the Time Setting Mode

Press the “Mode” button until the display shows the time setting screen. In most models, this screen is indicated by a flashing seconds count.

Step 3: Setting the Time

Use the “Start/Stop” button to adjust the hours, and the “Adjust” button to set the minutes. Some models may have additional options for setting the year, date, and day of the week.

Step 4: Exiting the Setting Mode

Press the “Mode” button again to save the changes and exit the time setting mode.

Resetting Specific Casio Watch Models

While most Casio watches can be reset using the above methods, some models may have unique features that require additional steps. These include popular models like the G-Shock and Wave Ceptor watches.

Resetting a Casio G-Shock Watch

After entering the time setting mode by pressing and holding the top left button, use the bottom left button to navigate through the different settings (seconds, minutes, hours, etc.). Adjust each set using the two buttons on the right side of the watch, then press the top left button again to exit the setting mode.

Resetting a Casio Wave Ceptor Watch

For Wave Ceptor watches that can synchronize with radio signals, start by pressing the bottom right button until the watch enters the manual time setting mode. From here, you can adjust the various settings using the top and bottom right buttons. Press the bottom left button to exit the setting mode once you’re finished.

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Reset

Even when you follow the correct steps, you might sometimes encounter issues while resetting your Casio watch. If the watch isn’t resetting as expected, make sure you’re in the correct setting mode and that you’re pressing the right buttons. Common mistakes include not pressing the buttons firmly enough or not being in the correct mode to adjust the time.

If you’re still having trouble, it might be time to seek professional help. Casio provides customer service support that can assist with troubleshooting. If necessary, take your watch to a certified Casio service center or reputable watch repair shop.

FAQs about Resetting Casio Watches

How frequently should I reset my Casio watch?

The frequency of resetting your watch depends on your specific needs. However, common occasions include after a battery replacement, during time zone changes, or at the beginning and end of daylight savings time.

Will resetting the watch affect its waterproof properties?

No, resetting your Casio watch will not affect its waterproof properties, provided you follow the instructions and handle the watch carefully.

Can I reset my Casio watch if the battery is low?

Yes, you can reset your watch with a low battery. However, if the battery is too low, the watch may not keep time accurately, and it’s recommended to replace the battery as soon as possible.

What should I do if my Casio watch doesn’t have a reset button?

All Casio watches should have a method for resetting the time, even if they don’t have a specific “reset” button. Consult your user manual for detailed instructions.


With the steps outlined in this guide, resetting a Casio watch should be a straightforward process. Whether you’re dealing with a basic analog model or a feature-rich G-Shock, you now have the knowledge to ensure your watch always displays the correct time. Remember, the key to a successful reset lies in understanding your specific watch model and following the appropriate steps carefully and patiently.

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