What Do the Symbols Mean on Fitbit?

Fitbit, a popular name in the world of fitness tracking technology, has become a staple for those seeking to monitor their physical activity, health, and wellness. Yet, to fully utilize these innovative devices, it’s crucial to understand the symbols that appear on their screens. Each Fitbit symbol is a piece of a larger puzzle, informing users about their heart rate, sleep patterns, caloric burn, and more.

By interpreting these symbols accurately, you can tap into the wealth of data your Fitbit collects. The icons you see on your device’s display signify different metrics and features, providing a snapshot of your health and fitness status at any given moment. This information empowers you to make informed decisions about your daily activities and health goals.

Knowing what these symbols mean not only enriches your Fitbit experience but also turns your device into a powerful ally in your health and fitness journey. This article will dive into these Fitbit symbols, giving you a detailed understanding of their meanings and uses.

What is a Fitbit and What Does it Do?

Fitbit is a renowned brand that specializes in wearable technology primarily focused on health and fitness. Its product range includes smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smart scales that work together to provide a comprehensive picture of your physical well-being.

The mainstay of Fitbit is its ability to track numerous aspects of your daily activities. It monitors your heart rate, sleep cycles, steps taken, calories burned, active minutes, and even stress levels. This data is displayed on your device using various symbols, each representing a specific feature or function.

Why Are Symbols Important in Using a Fitbit?

Symbols play an essential role in the Fitbit user experience. They allow you to navigate through the device’s features easily, understand your health data, and adjust your routines accordingly. By knowing what each icon represents, you can use your device more intuitively and effectively.

Symbols offer a visual representation of your fitness metrics, making it simple to access vital information at a glance. They’re your guide through the multitude of features that Fitbit offers, transforming raw data into understandable and actionable insights.

Understanding Basic Fitbit Symbols

Let’s delve into the primary symbols you’ll encounter on your Fitbit device:

  • The Heart Icon: This symbol represents your heart rate. It shows the number of times your heart beats per minute, providing a critical metric for tracking your fitness level and cardiac health.
  • The Flame Icon: This icon indicates the calories you’ve burned. It helps you keep tabs on your energy expenditure, essential for weight management and fitness training.
  • The Running Man/Woman Icon: Representing active minutes, this symbol shows the time you’ve spent engaged in moderate to high-intensity physical activities.
  • The Lightning Bolt Icon: This icon signifies the steps you’ve taken. It’s a vital tool for those who aim to reach a specific daily step count.

How Do I Know if My Fitbit is Charging or Not?

Fitbit devices use a battery icon to display their charging status. When the device is charging, you’ll see a lightning bolt inside the battery symbol. As the battery charge level increases, the icon fills up.

What Do Sleep Symbols on My Fitbit Mean?

Your Fitbit device employs specific symbols to represent sleep data:

  • The Moon Icon: This symbol indicates that your device is in sleep mode, tracking your sleep stages and movements.
  • The Bed Icon: Representing sleep stages, this symbol shows the different phases of your sleep – light, deep, and REM.

Exploring Fitbit’s Notification Symbols

In addition to health and fitness metrics, Fitbit devices also display notification symbols:

  • The Message Icon: This symbol shows that you’ve received a new text message or email.
  • The Phone Icon: Representing incoming calls, this symbol lets you know when someone is trying to reach you via your linked smartphone.
  • The Bell Icon: This is a reminder symbol, prompting you for scheduled activities such as workouts, alarms, or other tasks you’ve set on your Fitbit device.

How Can I Customize Symbols and Notifications on My Fitbit?

With Fitbit, you can personalize your device’s display and notifications according to your preferences. Let’s explore the two key areas:

  • Personalizing Display: Fitbit allows you to modify which metrics and icons appear on your device’s screen. You can adjust these settings via the Fitbit app on your smartphone, ensuring that your preferred data is always a glance away.
  • Managing App Notifications: You can also tailor the types of notifications you receive on your Fitbit device. From texts and calls to calendar reminders and app alerts, you have the flexibility to select which notifications you wish to receive.

Troubleshooting Common Fitbit Symbol Issues

Like any tech device, Fitbit isn’t immune to occasional issues. You might encounter problems with symbols not appearing or functioning correctly. Here’s what you can do in such instances:

  • When Symbols Don’t Appear: If certain symbols or icons aren’t showing on your device, ensure that the related features are activated in your Fitbit settings. If the problem persists, try restarting your device as the first troubleshooting step.
  • When Symbols Malfunction: If you notice irregularities with any symbols, like heart rate or step count, resetting your Fitbit may resolve the issue. It’s also advisable to keep your device’s software up-to-date to avoid potential glitches.


Understanding the symbols on your Fitbit device is crucial to maximizing its capabilities and harnessing its potential as a health and fitness tool. These icons are your window into the vast amount of data that your Fitbit collects, from your daily steps to your sleep stages. By interpreting these symbols correctly, you can make data-driven decisions about your physical well-being and effectively work towards your health goals.

Navigating through the array of Fitbit symbols might seem daunting at first. However, with knowledge and regular use, these symbols become familiar friends guiding you on your fitness journey. Remember, every step taken, every beat of your heart, and every calorie burned is a symbol of your progress.

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