How to Adjust Armitron Watch?

Armitron watches, popular for their blend of style, functionality, and affordability, have become a household name for watch enthusiasts worldwide. Being able to adjust these watches, whether for daily use or in response to timezone changes, is a crucial skill for Armitron owners.

Knowing how to adjust an Armitron watch will allow you to take full advantage of its features. From setting the correct time to syncing the date or setting an alarm, each function plays a significant role in ensuring your day runs smoothly.

Discover the detailed steps required to make these adjustments, explore the reasons why you might need to make them and learn some key troubleshooting tips to resolve common issues. It’s time to embrace the full potential of your Armitron watch.

What Is an Armitron Watch?

Armitron watches, established in 1956, have since made their mark on the watch industry by combining elegant design with everyday functionality. Ranging from digital to analog, sporty to dressy, Armitron’s diverse catalog ensures there’s a perfect timepiece for everyone.

One defining feature of Armitron watches is their array of practical features, such as dual time function, alarms, countdown timers, and calendars, which all require accurate adjustments to function optimally.

Why Might You Need to Adjust Your Armitron Watch?

Adjusting an Armitron watch can be essential for a variety of reasons. For instance, traveling across time zones necessitates a time change to stay synced with local time. Similarly, transitions into or out of daylight saving time will require an adjustment.

Furthermore, a battery change might reset your watch settings, requiring time, date, and alarm re-adjustments. Regardless of the reason, ensuring your watch displays accurate information is paramount for effective time management.

Tools Required to Adjust an Armitron Watch

In most cases, adjusting an Armitron watch requires no specialized tools. Your hands, and perhaps a pointed object like a pen for watches with smaller buttons, are sufficient. However, it’s essential to handle your watch with care during the adjustment process to avoid any potential damage.

How to Adjust the Time on an Armitron Watch?

Adjusting the time on an Armitron watch involves a few straightforward steps.

  1. Locate the “Mode” button on your watch and press it until the time display appears.
  2. Press and hold the “Set” or “Adjust” button until the time starts to blink.
  3. Use the “Start/Stop” and “Lap/Reset” buttons to adjust the hours and minutes.
  4. Press the “Set” or “Adjust” button again to confirm the changes.

Visual aids can be tremendously helpful when navigating this process, especially for first-timers.

How to Adjust the Date on an Armitron Watch?

Setting the date on your Armitron watch is just as simple:

  1. Press the “Mode” button until the date display appears.
  2. Press and hold the “Set” or “Adjust” button until the date begins to flash.
  3. Use the “Start/Stop” and “Lap/Reset” buttons to change the month and day.
  4. Press the “Set” or “Adjust” button again to set the date.

Clear, step-by-step images will guide you through this process, ensuring each adjustment is made correctly.

How to Set the Alarm on an Armitron Watch?

To set the alarm on your Armitron watch:

  1. Press the “Mode” button until the alarm display is shown.
  2. Press and hold the “Set” or “Adjust” button until the alarm time starts flashing.
  3. 3. Use the “Start/Stop” and “Lap/Reset” buttons to set the desired alarm time.
  4. Press the “Set” or “Adjust” button again to activate the alarm.

Remember to revisit these instructions as needed to ensure that your alarm is correctly set for important appointments or wake-up calls.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues When Adjusting an Armitron Watch and Their Solutions

Issue: Difficulty in Setting the Time or Date

If you are having trouble setting the time or date, ensure you’re in the correct mode. Each mode (time, date, alarm) has specific settings, and you can cycle through them by pressing the “Mode” button.

Issue: The Alarm Doesn’t Ring

If your alarm doesn’t ring, it might not be set properly, or the sound could be turned off. Revisit the alarm setting instructions and ensure that your alarm is active. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, it might be best to consult an Armitron service center or a watch repair professional.

Issue: The Watch Doesn’t Keep Accurate Time

If your Armitron watch isn’t keeping time accurately, it might need a new battery. Typically, watch batteries should be replaced every 1-2 years. However, if a new battery doesn’t solve the issue, it could indicate a mechanical problem, and professional assistance might be needed.

How to Care for Your Armitron Watch Post-Adjustment?

Proper care and maintenance are crucial to extend your Armitron watch’s lifespan and ensure it functions accurately.

Regular Checks

Regularly check your watch’s time, date, and alarm settings to ensure they’re correct. Even slight impacts or button presses can change these settings unintentionally.


Clean your watch regularly using a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using chemicals or submerging your watch in water, unless it’s rated for water resistance.

Professional Maintenance

Consider having your Armitron watch professionally serviced every few years, especially if you notice any functionality issues or inaccuracies.

FAQs: Adjusting an Armitron Watch

How can I change the battery in my Armitron watch?

While you can replace the battery yourself, it’s often best to have it done by a professional to avoid damaging the watch’s internal components.

Why is my Armitron watch losing time?

If your watch is consistently losing time, it could be due to a weakening battery or internal mechanical issues. It’s recommended to consult a professional in such cases.

Can I swim with my Armitron watch?

It depends on your specific model’s water resistance rating. Always check this rating before exposing your watch to water.

How often should I adjust my Armitron watch?

This largely depends on your watch’s accuracy and whether you travel across time zones frequently. As a rule of thumb, it’s good to check the time accuracy weekly.


Mastering the adjustment process for your Armitron watch can enhance your experience and allow you to make full use of its multifunction features. Whether you’re crossing time zones or gearing up for daylight savings, these skills will keep you punctual and organized.

Moreover, understanding how to troubleshoot common issues can save you time and stress, while regular watch care can ensure the longevity of your timepiece. Here’s to the art of precise timekeeping and the joy of owning a well-maintained Armitron watch!

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